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Taking Stock

Another time has passed and where are you? What have you achieved and what do you hope to achieve? You set out your goals or maybe you did not. Are you sure you are where you want or you are doing what you really want? Be honest and let the truth be told. Is your life achieving anything or are you caught up in the everyday hassle of life? Did you buy something for yourself or for anyone? How do we measure your success so far or are you just another person we can forget?

 It is time to count your life stock. Count your tears and your joys. Remember your achievements and your challenges. Get up in the morning and be honest with life. Life is interesting is it not? Is the stock of your life so far useless to you or its just another carrot race which never ends. Are you tired or refreshed? Do you look forward to the day or tomorrow? Do you have fond memories of yesterday and do you feel challenged to make today better than yesterday? Look at you wardrobe, are you still wearing the same clothes as two years ago or you have something new now? What car are you driving is it the same one we saw you with five years ago? What big thing have you done this year in which you can truly say, ye I achieved something? Take stock.

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