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Playing with Fire

It is funny how we ignore the truth about what we really want and pretend like it is not important or like we can survive without it. We like to think that we can ignore it for some time and our lives will still be alright. So when it comes to relationships, jobs, and dreams we compromise quite a bit and sometimes too much. The end result is that we are playing with fire.

When a fire starts it starts from a small spark, then it grows. The little things we think are not important to us are the same things which can quickly grow into that fire we do not like. Sooner or later we discover we are not in what we really want and we are not happy. There are sparks for good things and sparks for bad things. Every fire can be good or it can be bad. We have to be sure that the sparks we are seeing in our lives when they eventually grow will not cause us a destructive fire.

Look at your life, you will see that they are these little things we ignore and give excuses for yet they are important to us. If you are not getting it now why then do you keep thinking about it or hoping that it will come to you, it is because it is important. If it is important why then settle for less. Don’t play with fire you will get hurt because sooner or later that fire will grow and consume you.  It is easier to put out a spark than to put out a fire. If you understand fire then you know hey.

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