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Please Walk Away

Before it is too late, please walk away. Life is like a domino game where you lay up the domino and each domino affects the next one such that you end up with a definite result. What you do today will affect your tomorrow, such that tomorrow you may not know but we have a good idea what is going to be like.

If you force yourself to have a baby with a guy you know is not good for you just because you have been sleeping with him your life will be unhappy, it is that obvious. If you marry a woman by compromise you will always be looking for something better. If you do not read for a test you will fail, if you do not pay for your electricity the power will be turned off. Life is a cause and effect, please walk away.

Look at your self and ask your self what it is that you really want in life. Be honest and assess where you are. Is this the place you always dreamed of as a kid? Is this the person you want to spend with the rest of your life? Is it worth being beaten up everyday by this man on a daily basis, is this your dream? Look at yourself and be true to yourself. Is this the career you always dreamed of? Are you happy spending the hours that you do at the office? Is there anything in your life which makes sense, which makes you happy or are you living a lie?

If you abort your baby tomorrow you will always think about it and suffer mentally for it because it will haunt you always. If you do not write that exam you might not get the qualification in time to apply for that job when it is advertised in the near future. If you keep sleeping with every girl you go out with you will soon be so confused you cannot recognize real love when it knocks on your day. Please walk away.

Life is a cause and effect, you reap what you sow in time. If you want to be happy in time then plan the things which at harvest time will be good for you. Water only the things which will grow to produce fruit for you. Do not waste you airtime calling people who are of no use to your future. Do not go to places which never increase your worth or gain you anything. Do not work in jobs which only stress you and cause you health problems. Do not engage a person who is not going to make you feel at peace or happy. Why are you wasting your time with relationships which make no sense to you? Please walk away, it is better to cry now than to spend a life time crying and trying to fix your entire life because of one mistake. I am your brother and I love you.

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