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Survival Of The Strongest

Survival of the strongest, believe it or not this is how the world, education, religions and political entities operate. Strongest can be viewed in different aspects; one can be strong in being able to stand pressure in different challenges, one can be strong in being able to think fast, one can be strongest in thinking wisely, one can be strongest in being simple and coming straight to the point. The thing is this, if you want to succeed in life it is survival of the strongest. If you are of a religious background you will know very well that it is the ones with the greatest faith who will inherent the blessings or whatever is promised.

You can choose to be simplistic and think that things just come to those who are humble and quiet yet by now you should know it’s not like that. You have read stories of David amongst many great achievers, so you should have noticed that nothing came to them sitting. It was survival of the strongest. I have noticed that people like to sit and tell each other they are blessed and whatever else that sounds nice, but it is useless if you never go out and do what you need to do. Be fruitful, multiply, replenish and have dominion are not sitting words. Authority is not something you just have, its something you get because you are able to implement things and make them work. Most of us are waiting for magic things to happen yet we forget that we can do all things. You are already blessed, what you need is to have enough faith to stand up and represent that blessing.

Survival of the strongest, you bet it is. If it was not like that there would be no heaven after hell, no religions, no victories, no games, no love. Ok let me explain, love exists because it is greater than hate if it was not like that then hate would triumph, heaven exists because hell did not consume all life, religions are there because the power of belief has triumphed over non-belief. So if you are still sitting there and thinking the world will be kind to you, I am sorry it will not be.

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