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All People are Equal but Different in Achievements

Strange is it may seem all people look the same. I was sitting at a certain mall the other day watching people as they passed. My goal was to see how many people I would see who look like the people I have met a long time ago. As time passed, in those two hours I realized that people actually do look alike. I think I met thirty or so people who had a resemblance to people I had met before. Maybe you have had this experience before where you met someone and they look like someone you know or you feel like you have met them before. When it came to the older guys above sixty I noticed they all look like they were coming from the same parent

This got me thinking, what really differentiates two people. Sure they can wear different clothes or walk seemingly different but in the end they are just two human beings who have bodies to use. I realized that its not what they look like that makes people different, it is what they have achieved. I noticed if someone has achieved a great status in life they can be able to dress differently and appear different. If someone has made more money than the other they can drive a different car from everyone else. The less people achieve the  more they will look alike. They will dress the same because they can afford the same clothes, they will talk the same because they will be exposed to the same things, they will smell the same because they are exposed to the same bath soap, they will feel the same because they are exposed to the same environment.

In my mall experience I noticed that when we talk of masses we are actually talking about people who appear as one person. They can be ten thousand people in a protest but it is actually one person as they all think and feel the same. So it is easy to manipulate a nation if you expose them to the same news, the same entertainment, the same work conditions and struggles, because then they will all vote in the same way. Priceless. The difference only comes when you have people who dare to achieve their own paths. People who dare not to conform to the way the world operates but actually stand up and are themselves. They actually follow their own dreams and not the dreams they are taught to follow.

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  1. Ken
    June 9, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    I totally agree….I also think about the Razor’s Edge concept that simple deliberate actions are the ones that distinguish people over time and it’s those who are willing to pay the price who actually make it!….

    Just to show how much this concept is so relvent:
    The 8 finalists for the 100m dash at the Olympic games in Montereal, Canada 1976, The winner was only 1/10th of a second faster than runner who came in position 8!….

    • Winston M.
      June 10, 2010 at 5:24 am

      Hey Ken, those are some very fascinating facts there. i had never had of the Razor’s Edge concept, i guess now i have been informed. thanks.

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