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Dont be Stupid Money is Important

The moment you believe being broke is normal that is the day your dreams have died, wake up man. As long as you think being broke is life and that is the way it is, a miserable excuse of life, well life will never really have a vision worth chasing. Being broke is not normal as we like to tell ourselves, it is a sign that something is wrong in our financial status, well that does not take a rocket scientist to notice. If you where born and your name says ” Poor” then you have every right to be poor. We should then knight you as Sir/Madam Broke. If you choose to be poor then you have every right not to dream big. We cannot stop trying ladies and gentleman. We take no prisoners in our quests for comfort. It is our God given right if you believe in such.

Let us be honest, money is important, without it you cannot take care of your kids, build your house, pay your bills, eat chocolate, get your hair done, and even have a romantic day out. If you think money is not important sell all your possessions and quit your job (Don’t be silly) When I was growing up we used to be told that love does not require money, they were right and they were lying to us (Well to me if there is no us in this article). Who can be broke and manage to sustain their relationship? How are you going to call her or him, how are you going to buy flowers, celebrate birthdays, valentines Christmas? (if you don’t call her someone else will, as simple as that) If you have children how are you going to take care of them? So let us get one thing out of the way and conclude money is important.

Now if money is important why then do we spend life pretending like it is not? How do we pretend money is not important well, for a start we never seem to want to chase dreams of making us wealthy enough, it is like we have given up? We lie to ourselves and pursue careers which will never get us anyway. Here is an interesting scenario. In a company that has a CEO, you will have more than a hundred people who would want that CEO or managers position. However the fact on the ground is that only one person will ever get that position after of course the current holder of that position has died or left or you murdered them. The funny thing is that we then go on dreaming of taking another person’s job yet that person is part of the furniture in that institution. Wake up man.’

You there who is stuck in the Diaspora are you there because you like it or because you are looking for money? And you madam who hates her job but has to work anyway why are you still there? Ok money is important but I suppose we need to be smart about it and make it work for us. We can not go on like this, well at least I cannot. If you think money is not so important in your top three things in material things, just ask the churches to stop taking offerings, governments to stop taxes and of course go to work and not receive a salary.

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  1. Lee
    May 26, 2010 at 7:23 am

    Lovely article … …, You have said it ALL money is important!

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