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When you look outside the window do you see dollars or do you see trees, buildings, people, and cars amongst other things. Most likely we see objects through money eyes. The type of eyes you have will determine the type of dream you will achieve. Subconsciously when we look at things we do not see them for what they are, but we see them according to the value they have. When we think of our dreams of buying houses we think of the amounts we need in cash in order to buy the house. Achieving our dreams is based on the type of eyes we have. When I say eyes I am talking about the eyes in our minds.

The type of eyes you have will determine the type of dream you will achieve. If you have money eyes you will most probably achieve very few things in your life time at a very slow rate. Money eyes are eyes which see everything according to paper notes or numbers. So when you see a very beautiful house that you would like you do not see the house but you subconsciously or consciously calculate the value of the house and dismiss your dreams of ever owning it. In other words you look at the house and all you see is the amounts associated with the house and you tell yourself that you can never afford it. People who are talented also do the same. A person may have the best singing voice but they may never become an artist because they see the road to becoming an artist as requiring a certain value which they cannot afford; which is why some parents tell their children to give up some dreams because they see it in terms of the cost it would have in order to get to it. People with money eyes see things in the short term. They see the process more than the end.

Now, they are those who see with the naked eyes, these types of people see things for what they are. A beautiful house is a beautiful house. They are not concerned on how much it costs to get the house they are more concerned on the beauty of the house. When they speak of their dreams they do not speak on how much it is going to cost but speak of how beautiful it is. Make no mistake they understand the value of the house but they understand the desire more than the challenge of the desire. They see the end in mind more than the process of getting there.

Then you have those people who just walk in the road and never see anything. These I will call the veiled eyes. They walk in the road but never notice the building around them. They never see the sign hanging on the building, they see it but it doe not impress on them anything. They see the cars driving past them, they see the cars but it never occurs to them to notice type or detail. These people are small minded. They never try anything new, they live in their own small worlds where life is a struggle and everyone belongs somewhere, hence they belong where they are. They do not achieve great things except to wake up, work, eat and sleep. They lives are routine from the day they leave school and there is nothing to write home about. They have no great dreams at all; all their dreams were abandoned when they were still at school. They talk about reality all the time, yet reality has no limits.

In short money eyes achieve things at a slow rate because hey always wait for money to accumulate before they pursue their dreams. Naked eyes achieve a lot because they do not depend on money but rather believe money depends on them. Veiled eyes achieve nothing interesting because they have no sense of dreams and achieving them.

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