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What is Life About

Honestly though what is life about? Have you ever thought about the answer or do we just live? We are born today and we die in the tomorrow, then what was the point to the life?  Could it be that life is just breathing, or perhaps it is just doing what you can? If it was like that then life would be shallow, so everyday we tell ourselves that there is more to life than what we see everyday. We tell ourselves there is more to work, there is more to watching movies, more to just eating and drinking but the truth is that we never really discover the answer or we just resign ourselves to wondering about it then we die.

Then again maybe it is possible to discover what life is about by starting from the basics. We have bodies that require food and shelter, so yes life is about houses and food. We require money to buy these so yes life is about money. We require company so yes life is about friends. We desire families, so yes life is about marriage. We desire to know that there is something greater than us so yes life is about God. We desire entertainment so yes life is about getting entertained. Sooner than later we will discover that there is a trend here, but wait here is another one, we desire to feel immortal so we believe in the after life. Ok, let us now talk about the trend.

The thing is we want all these things so that we are happy. It is that simply. Everything we do we are trying to get that piece of rest in which we can find happiness. We want comfort, love, peace, filling, understating, sensitivity, humor, adrenaline rush, and all sorts. The funny thing is that we die still chasing these things because when we think we have it all we discover we want more. Ever noticed that a billionaire still wants to expand his empire, every government always has a new programme or law to add. A man who has a family and steady job, house and cars still tries to get more than he has. It is all because we believe happiness is in our achievements. Our happiness is attached to things but the thing about things is there is always something better or that they change or that they die. Why not attach happiness to happiness, now that is a crazy idea. Happiness is something we bring out of ourselves and share with something or someone we think deserves it because we think it is worth it, for example a car, a wife, a child, a job or whatever you think. Here is a little secret of life, we already have the happiness inside us. All we do is we want a reason to make it come out, so we say if I had a car I would be happy yet the car when it is in the shop it does not own any happiness. If anything, someone else could own and not be happy at all. What you think makes you happy in someone else’s hands could make them miserable. The point, there is nothing in this earth which has no living spirit which brings happiness. Happiness is found in living things, they already have it.

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