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This Boat Life

Your life is a like a boat traveling on an ocean. Around it is water which stretches for miles on miles. No matter what the size of the boat is, you need to make sure you have the right people with you after all it is a long journey. Have the right compass that shows you direction. Have a map for which you know your destination. Be able to tell the sings of a storm coming and when there is going to be calm. Have adequate rations and of course know how to fish. If you lack these sooner or later you will have to dock on an island because you could not get to your destiny due to lack of direction, map, food rations and fishing skill.

When storms come you do not go with them you fight to keep your journey’s direction. When other boats pass you by on their own journeys you just do not follow them in case they are going to a different direction. Know your boat and its capabilities. Make sure your sails are working and the type of conditions they work in. Only anchor in permanently when you arrive at your destination. When it seems like you are running out of food learn how to fish and how to get from islands nearby by do not anchor permanently.

Keep you compass in working order, and your map close to you. Never let it out of your site. Remind yourself where you are going and keeping checking your map and compass. Only go in the direction that will get you to your destination. Do not be swayed by the winds and the currents of the oceans. Fish where you can but do not make it your career or you will be tempted to become a fisherman for other people. Learn the ocean and the atmosphere around you. Understand the winds and the nights, the days and the mornings. Right your journey down in your captains log book. Do not lend your captaincy of your ship to anyone else except you.

Be on the look out for pirates who want to hijack your boat and your crew. Protect your crew with all your might. Empower everyone so that they have the same vision. Make sure your crew has the same visions. Life is like a boat on a vast sea, are you prepared.

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  1. Lee
    May 18, 2010 at 6:33 am

    Inspiring…,great article, it’s good to be reminded of the basics that gets us where we have visualised and dreamt.It’s all about keeping it real. Thanks Winston

    • Winston M.
      May 18, 2010 at 12:13 pm

      True that Lee. Sometimes we anchor permanently in places where we are supposed to be getting rest and forget what our original destination was.

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