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Chemicals of Love: Part 2

The type of chemical bond that occurs between elements determines the type of chemical compound which is going to be produced. Each element or rather each atom must either be prepared to share, give or receive electrons in order for there to be a new compound formed. So when elements come together they form a partnership which has mutual benefit and coexistence to form something that appears so different.

The marriage equation is defined as one plus one equals one, which is the same thing chemically, because when you bring two elements together like Hydrogen and Oxygen you get H20 which is water, a new substance which looks completely different from the individualistic elements. Now when two people get together they can form different types of bonds, which for the sake of this article space let us deal with covalent and ionic bonds. In a covalent bond the two individuals share their electrons. In other words if I had patience in me as a possession and you had courage, my patience is still  in me but becomes part of you and your courage is still in you but becomes part of me. When the two come together a person who never had courage is able to stand in courage because their partner in the chemical bond has courage also.

On the other hand there is the ionic bond where one element must be willing to give its electron to another so that there can be a partnership by attraction. Simply put one element has a need which the other element can provide. So the element that has need receives an electron (s) and the other one gives of its own. The two become bonded together. Ever heard of the damsel in distress who gets rescued by the knight?

Why do people who get married suddenly discover that they are not compatible? Ionic and Covalent bonds are examples of strong chemical bonds. They are strong because there is elementary electron sharing, giving and receiving.  The result is a mutual bond. On the other hand weak chemical bonds occur between molecules which already have a bond with something else forming another bond with other elements. It is like a person who is in love with their ex-girlfriend getting married to another woman, or a person who worships her business getting married to someone who has no interest in the business at all. The result is just a mixture of people attracted together but whose chemical bond is very weak.

Whether we like it or not attraction is very important in a relationship, it defines how things are going to go. Attraction must thus be at the different levels, physically and spiritually. When two elements form a strong bond they form partnership to fulfill a purpose full of certain characteristics. This is why for example it does not say that Adam got a wife but it first says he got a partner, who was flesh of his flesh and bone off his bone. She was a helpmate which denotes strong intent to fulfill the same purpose in life. If two elements bond together but try to achieve their own different individualistic motives the result is divorce and it will happen.

The best advice I can give on chemicals of love is that if you are not yet a complete individual with a complete personality do not get married, RUN. If you are not developed in character and you get married then all of a sudden you start finding your own character you might just discover that the person you are sleeping with is a stranger to you, is such cases you will have lots of work to do to keep that marriage. If you marry a person who is not yet fully grown in terms of personality and knowing what they want you are going to have a lot of work keeping that marriage going. Chemical bonds are created from elements which have their own properties and are willing to share, receive and give of their own in order to become a new stronger compound. They are not made from elements which are just trying to find their own personalities by joining someone else. The moment you try to find your own self by combining with another person it is not going to be pretty.

There is a need at this time to define the difference between marrying someone because you are attracted them with a need and marrying someone because you are trying to find your own character. Cannot spoil Part 3 now.

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