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Where Is My Salary

There is the category of the underground salary. Now, this salary is never seen in terms of what it achieves, all we ever hear is that the person is working. We see the person waking up and toiling the whole day but in terms of any difference happening to the person’s status, there is nothing. It’s called underground because it is not seen, it operates from a level which cannot be seen.

 After this level we have the surface salary. Here we see the effects of the salary because it is on the surface. We see the objects and a few things but usually everyone steps on these types. It’s common like the soil which is on the surface. It is for everyone to see and everyone can reach it if they try hard enough. Once in a while, if it works smart enough, this salary can grow on the surface to become a mountain which people begin to respect. It is not always easy to get to the mountain level though. (Are we all here?)

The advanced level is the sky salary. With this one, it is untouchable. It soars like the clouds and goes wherever it wants. It even soars above the mountains. It can build whatever it wants. It can blow wherever it wants. It owns the climate for which other salaries can operate in.  It is truly as we can say magnificent.  So where do we fit.

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