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Milking Grape Juice from A Cow

Suddenly when we turned some age we started saying statements like “I can Change him”, “I will be alright, I always make it”, “Things are hard”, “She will always be my first love” and all sorts of statements and the funny thing is when we turn sixty or seventy we realize that these were some of the most useless statements in our lives.  We see finally from our old age of experience that he will never change, we see that we were never going to be alright, things were not so hard and of course, she was your first love, so what? All this, because we were trying to milk grape juice from a cow, which is not possible.

Grapes have for a long time been called the fruits of the gods for very good reasons indeed. In life we all want the sweet nectar of life. We want to be happy and free without having so many worries. This is why we look for the perfect guy or girl, for a good house and home, for a good career or wealth, and basically a good life. Now grapes contain the ability to slow down aging, overcoming constipation, overcoming indigestion, overcoming fatigue, also they help in fighting such things as Heart diseases, Kidney disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, Migraines, Asthma, Cancers, Eye cataracts, Blood cholesterol, and of course my favorite, they have strong antiviral properties. These are just all the things we try to avoid in life.

When we are kids we have dreams and so we find a grape seed. To grow grapes we need good soil, good sunlight, good climate, a good water source amongst other things. We set about preparing our fields and the grape vines actually do grow when we are teenagers, which is when we have the most energy. The vineyard would be almost ready. But during this time, a cow or cows walk into the grape field and they are ready for milking. As the cow is ready to be milked we set about the task of milking the cow and neglect the vineyard. However in our minds we still have visions of the grape juice and so we try to get the grape juice from the cow because it feels easier. Sooner than later we get stressed about it, because we are trying so hard to work on the cow to get grape juice but nothing comes out. There is nothing wrong with the milk and the cow, the problem is us. So we start telling ourselves the following statements “I can Change him”, “I will be alright”, “Things are hard”, “She will always be my first love”. Everyone knows you cannot milk grape juice from a cow.

Let us take a good long look at our lives; look at your career, your relationships, your country of residence, your habits, your social activities, your forms of entertainment, your associations and generally your destiny. Are you sure you are not busy trying to milk grape juice from a cow? If you are not sure here are the signs that you could be, the signs are as follows, constipation with life, fatigue with career, heart problems with relationships, indigestion with people around you, feeling very old, constant migraines for no reason at all, high blood pressure, constant shaking and insecurity, lack of vision of where your life is going and of course my least favorite always getting into situations you do not like. If life does not taste as sweet as you always thought it should then there is something wrong.  You are the judge.

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