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Jane’s Love Apples

Ever tried growing apples in a desert or sowing love in a person and getting the wrong fruit all together. Like it or not we all have things that make us tick. We have dreams and hope because these are the things we like. We have desires and Jane is no different.  Once in her travels she was given two apple seeds to grow. These seeds were special in that if you grow them and applied love the benefits, well, you would never be hungry again. As she walked in her travels she had to pass through a desert. The desert stretched for miles and miles so it seemed but on the horizon she could see good farming land. As you would have it she grew hungry and hungrier as she traveled, so she thought to herself, “let me grow one of the magic seeds. I will tend to it and give it lots of tender love and care. I will make the most beautiful garden out of it, and because of that I will settle here for a while or maybe for ever.” So she set out to prepare the garden with lots of expectation. She worked the whole day but the seed just would not sprout, after all magic seeds grow into a tree after one day. So she thought maybe she was doing it wrongly so she spent the whole night awake creating all these fancy ridges and contours around the seed garden, but still the seed would not sprout into the tree. So she thought maybe it’s the lack of water so she decided to cry in order for her to use her tears to make the seed sprout but it just would not sprout. She was now so hungry and desperate, what could she do.

Looking into the horizon she thought to herself, “It’s not so far, if I just strengthen myself for a while I can get there. There at least I know there is good land waiting for my seed and I can grow my garden and be fed.” She packed her things and off she went. Amazingly she got there and she still had enough strength left after all that crying. She put her last seed into the ground and gave it good tender care just as she had given the other seed in the desert. In not time at all the seed sprouted and the more she spent a minute with it the more it grew. Soon it was a tree and apples were coming out of it. “Whal she thought”, all I had to do was persevere for a few days and I would have planted two seeds instead of one.

Such is life, sometimes we settle for areas and people who are not the ideal for our seeds. We all have something to give in life but we need to find the right place to sow it into. If the seed and the ground are not compatible do not waste your time What you have belongs to a particular place of growth. You maybe in a desert at the moment but your farming land is not too far, do not settle in a desert when Jericho is around the corner. If you are farming in a desert no matter how much effort you put into it you will be frustrated and tired, because your seed will not germinate to what you want. Your Jericho might be a person, business, career or education, just do not give up.

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  1. candy
    April 30, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    …short of words, thank u fo rbeing my inspiration!

    • nolimitsfoundation
      May 3, 2010 at 5:40 am

      Hey Candy
      Glad you are inspired. Thanks for everything.

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