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Average.Dull.Uninspired. Lethargic.Trivial-ADULT

I wonder what happened to Johnny? He used to be so much fun. I remember Johnny, he had these fantastic dreams he used to talk about when he was growing up. I remember how he wanted to travel around the world and be in all sort of cities around the world. Oh yeah, then there was all this talk that he used to say about how one day he would build this grand big house for him and his family. Ok, I have to admit we thought he sounded mad but hey that is what made him so different. Johnny, Johnny, now he is such a drag, all he ever talks about is how life is not fair, and how one has to work hard to be anything. Fine I agree one has to work hard but what about working hard at fulfilling your dreams? Now he is so serious and so dull, sometimes I swear he is the first one to shoot down people’s dreams with his talk of reality. I can’t ask for advice from him anymore, because his answers are always the same. He no longer has that sense of romance about life, its like all the life was sucked out of him. Perhaps being an adult just means you are Average, Dull, Uninspired, Lethargic and Trivial

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