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It is not Easy

Think of all the things that you believe are easy. It could be riding a horse, driving a car, eating food, smiling, loving someone, praying, writing an article, reading this article or simply just keeping quite. In its own right it is easy or is it? Everything which is easy today is hard at some point. Think about it, is it easy to smile when your world is falling apart, is it easy to drive if someone just banged into your car, is it easy to pray when nothing seems like it is ok? It is not easy but it can be done. When it is hard just remember that in different circumstances it is easy. Your solution when facing something hard is just to think of when it is easy and remember that it is only hard because of the situation but not because it is. All things are easy in different circumstances. Do not let the circumstances determine what is easy and what is not. What is easy is easy. There is nothing difficult in the world, it is just the circumstances which make it not easy, otherwise it is easy.

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