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Logic Happiness is Death

Logic happiness is when we accept a condition, state or experience based on our inability to get what we really want. In other words we know what we really want but because we cannot have it we settle for whatever we can find which will make sense to us so that we do not disturb the status quo of life. Yet through out the experience we would mostly be unhappy but we convince ourselves that we are happy. We smile, laugh, work hard, pray, hope, believe and live like we are normal yet in reality we know at the back of our minds we are not happy. It’s not hard to see how many people are in a state of logic happiness. All you have to do is point in any direction and out of every hundred people you will find at least 3 people. These are people who then go on to become social misfits or leaders of society. There can only be two extremes. Most of us are now masters of logic happiness because as the famous saying goes “it makes sense”. Look at yourself can you really say this is the life that you want or is it just the life you have settled for.

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