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Happiness is just a heart beat away

The body releases endorphins in times of positive energy which gives you a natural high of happiness. Ever noticed the feeling you get when your team wins or you get what you wanted after a long time. Your heart beats happily in a stress relieving way and you feel so happy. We have been told to listen to our heads because our hearts will get us in trouble yet it is the exact opposite. Your happiness is based on your heart beat and the more you are unhappy the more you feel suppressed inside. Endorphins are released when you run, eat chocolate, laugh, watch a good movie, relax in the sun, listen to music you like, when you take a risk and simply when you are in a happy situation. The benefits are that you will feel less hungry, less stressed, less pain and you boost your immune system which also increases your life span. Happiness is in a heart beat. If you want to be happy then make sure you are in the right place, are doing what you really want, are with the person you love, are achieving your dreams, and simply put, you are happy. Happiness is literally a heart beat away. If the heart is consistently unhappy then diseases such as heart diseases, Blood pressure, cancers, and all sorts will come. Look at your self well, is your heart beat bringing you happiness.

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