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A full Picture

As people we do not always see the all that is around us. We mostly act on assumption and belief, not really knowing what is and what is not. In other words we only see part of the reality and not the whole reality. If you stood up from your chair and were standing over it and someone came and put a sharp object on the chair you would not know that. Presumably you would sit still thinking that the chair is as you left it. This is how it is with life, we spend our days based on assumptions and believing that what we see is actually what is. Things can change in a twinkle of an eye practically and sometimes what we see is not really how things are.  A wise person knows this and expects this. The truth of life is not what you see it is the full picture that you did not see. None of us in our life time ever see the full picture; we only see a part of the picture and the rest we act out on belief. Before you do anything or say anything in life just remember there is a full picture you do not see.

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