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Sometime Just Keep Quite

Ever get tired of explaining yourself to yourself and to everyone. It’s not that people do not understand you its just that it is not the time for them to get you. You have heard all the talk about there is a season for everything, believe it or not, there is a time when people will understand and it maybe when you are dead or in the distant future. Ever noticed that most heroes are celebrated or truly appreciate after they are dead, not when they are alive? Have you ever noticed that most religions actually pick up after the person is long gone or dead? Sometimes we only start to appreciate our friends or that special person when there is distance between us. The thing is most of the time people only believe after they have had time to digest and to see results. Even if they see results they may not believe. So what do you do? Speak once and then keep quiet.

If you speak too much you will end up using so much energy and conflict in yourself such that you only concentrate on it and not what you ought to be doing. Sometimes it is good to keep quiet and go to that place of solitude in yourself and do what you have to do. People will understand you one day but do not always think it will be today.

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