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Ok, so nothing seems to be working. Maybe its taking too long to happen and it seems you are the only one left in the chain of things. Everyone is talking but you cannot really get involved because you feel out of place, after all you stuff has not happened as yet. Some nights are hard, some mornings are a dread and some evenings just seem like the end of the world. Focus. Everyday seems to have its many challenges, no one really understands you everyone speaks but no one really listens to you. The world is just upside down everywhere you look, prices tumble or get too high, economies are like a yoyo all the time. Nothing seems permanent. Focus. If there is nothing going on in your life which you like then focus on the thing you love. Find it and put all your energy into it, even if never seems like its working it will work. Focus on it until one day it gives in. if it does not give in then let your legacy be that you died trying but you gave it your best shot. Focus.

Winston is the author of several books. His breakthrough book was “You Have All Been Fooled”, a book about power, ability, and sheer determination in life. Winston’s books are available on the following
You Have All Been Fooled at Amazon
You Have All Been Fooled at Author’s Page
Four Reasons Why Absolute World Peace is Impossible With Humans
The Spark of Life, Success and Relationships
The Book of Revelation Series

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