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Cannot Give Up Now

It has been a long journey. They have been many tears, disappointments, pain, and all sorts of crazy things. It has been dark and it has been darker. The sun has shone but its light only seemed like torture. Everything you do seems like a struggle, an endless struggle. Always you are chasing the dollar, happiness, appreciation, and peace. Just when you think you have it together it all seems to be challenged by something new. Your friends are far away from you and those who are near you seem to be from another planet. You smile daily but you know your burdens. You are reminded of your troubles whenever it is quiet. Sometimes you want to cry but you have to pull yourself together.

Listen the road is hard and the journey is long but you cannot give up now. You have come to far to just let it all go. Get your stuff together and keep going. Carry your cross and keep looking at the end of it all. Put your armor on and keep fighting for your life. Your heart is still pumping oxygen to you so it has not given up either. You are alive not because you are clever but because you did not give up. As long as there is a today and a tomorrow you have an opportunity. You have an opportunity to change things and do something different. You cannot give up now.

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