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Breathe. Sometimes that is all it takes to make it in life. It is not so complicated after all. If you want to live just breathe. Inhale and exhale what makes you heart tick. Our problem sometimes is that we inhale toxic gasses that slow us down and make our immune weaker. We do not know what really makes us happy. We live lives which are not what we want but are compromised. When you walk into an area full of poison in the air your body fights hard to get oxygen and tries hard to refuse to take up the gases. It should be the same thing in our lives. We should refuse the toxic things which are not good for us. Sometimes we only realize later on in life that we are in the wrong place, wrong careers, wrong people, wrong religion, and wrong lifestyles. As long as you have breath it is not too late. It is never too late to change your life. If you were drowning and someone suddenly picked you out of the water would you refuse to breathe because you have been in the water for too long or would gasp for air. Such is life also, if you are in the wrong place and suddenly you had an opportunity to get out then take that opportunity. Simply breathe. Love you.

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