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Just because Life’s Degree in Fear is free does not mean we should graduate

Contrary to most understanding university at the highest level is indeed free. There are different modules on offer which we can decide to enroll for. Graduation is usually evident as it can be seen in our personalities where permanent traits or habits are entrenched in us. You can tell when someone is studying very hard to pass certain modules in a particular semester by the way they put their effort into it. There is that semester for learning ‘’decision making at a young age’’ where modules offered include, constant101, consistency102, truth103, focus104, inferiority105, doubt106, double mindness107 which we are all free to choose. Each student of course gets practical lessons which are what we see everyday in their lives either expressing themselves in certain ways. The best thing about this university is that it instills a sense of loyalty to students as they try as hard as possible to be as practical as possible in their modules and studies. Some people go as far as to earn masters degrees and PHD by coming up with such practical ways of expressing their degrees in levels never seen before. Some attain “immortal fear” which is a Masters Degree in “Fear”, some attain “Eternal Truth” which is a PHD to “Honesty”.

Of course they are drawbacks in this university. Like any other universities we have students who excel at what they study, we have crash programs for the most gifted in their different areas of study, and of course not so gifted students. Now and then you have your drop outs who decide that particular degrees are not for them , students who switch programs in between semesters, students who repeat their courses, and students who just never look like they will ever graduate. Certificates which student earn are proudly displayed in their hearts and the way they talk, from just a conversation with a person you will know which degree and modules they majored in. Most people go on to achieve great things because of their degrees while others go on to achieve absolutely nothing. Out of curiosity, what are you studying or what have you qualified in?

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