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Without it, What is it?

I would like to see you build a nation without it

Actually I dare you to start a family in its absence

Could you even get fame without using it

I heard you want to get on in life and be rich

Do you think you could get there without using it

Life is long and short but could you survive without it


I know a man who started a religion simply by using it

A mother who raised the greatest leader through it

A business leader who found success by just using it

I know about yesterday because somebody used it

For everything to occur the earth needs it

Without it there is no beginning

How then do you choose not to be a master of it


Next time I suggest you use it carefully

I suggest you hold on to it faithfully

Learn to master if wholefully

If you do master it maybe you could become the next

The next leader, the next parent, the next guardian

Others have learnt it why can’t you master it

Don’t you realize that you are what you are because of the way you used it

Its not really a secret, its there within you

Do you know what it is?

Without it, you are nothing.

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