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Lessons Learnt Part 2: The sun never asks for anyone’s opinion to shine

  • Success starts when you show up for the battle
  • Madness is going to war thinking that there is a possibility that you might die
  • Peace is when you are content
  • A stable nation is when everyone can buy pizza on their payday
  • Eat chicken, eat more chicken, chew the bones after all does it not taste good (do what you like in life)
  • If you feel like going to the toilet go (do not waste opportunities)
  • If you have never had a vision in your life its probably because you are dead
  • A new born is more intelligent that most of us, at least it cries when it feels the pain
  • Do not cry unless if you feel you have to
  • A boring person is one who has no idea what they want in life
  • If you cant swim then do not go swimming
  • if you can only buy clothes which you are comfortable in
  • if you run at the same speed all the time you will eventually get tired
  • Strategy is smiling when its necessary and knowing that everyday is necessary to smile.
  • You cannot share a house with someone who beat you up yesterday unless if they  apologizes first and really mean it
  • Do not lend what does not belong to you
  • The person you help today can be your enemy tomorrow so help people and do not expect anything in return
  • True development is when you now know how to control your destiny
  • Distance doe not make a difference to love but it does change many other things
  • Complaints do not change the world they just make you mad
  • The person who lives next door to you has the power to kill you its only that they choose not to
  • If you stay in the same place you will always have the same environment and hear the same things
  • Limits are there because you see them
  • Nothing is lost its only misplaced
  • Life is short but it does not mean be reckless with it
  • If you do not love yourself why then should someone find a reason to love you when you have no reason to love yourself
  • Just because you cook well does not mean you will always have an appetite
  • Just because people talk about something does not mean they know what it is or what it means
  • Ordinary means yesterday’s forgotten history and extra ordinary means tomorrows inspiration
  • Be bold but do not be stupid
  • Be stupid but do not insult God
  • Being a leader means taking time to open the door for others to enter
  • The sun never asks for anyone’s opinion to shine
  • The moon never pretends to be a star
  • The difference with days is in what you decide to call the day or to do on the day
  • There are seven days of the week but it does not mean they could not have been eight days of the week, everything has a reason and plan
  • If God plans why should you not plan
  • A suicide bomber will die and the so will the saint but the difference is where they go afterwards
  • A story is only as good as the characters in the plot
  • A good name truly can buy success without paying any money
  • An expensive phone call to your wife is the one you do not make, a bad prayer is when you forget to pray (Every Prayer is good)
  • A silly relationship is in when people do not know each others names
  • Boast as much as you want but make sure you are boasting about God
  • If there is plenty of water bath
  • There are only 24hours in a day, why would you spend more than 1 hour being angry
  • If you waste food make sure you give it to your dog at least
  • Take a chance as much as you want but make sure you have a plan
  • Opportunity is when you see what others think is impossible
  • Courage is when you do others say it cannot be done

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