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Lessons Learnt, Could be Funny

  • The difference between ants and human employees is life span, ants just die earlier
  • It does not matter what you do tomorrow if you die today
  • It does not matter what you do today if you are still living in yesterday
  • Your life is yours, its as simple as that
  • Advice is advice, its not a law
  • The people who love you are usually the ones that cook for you for years without complaints
  • When your children are older you will still be their parents
  • If its black it does not mean its African, if its white it does not mean its European
  • There is nothing new unless if you think its new, it has all happened before
  • Money is there for you to spend it and not keep it in your mattress
  • Soccer is a game with  spectators who forget that its just a game
  • Just because its natural does not mean its part of nature
  • Being forgetful does not mean you are stupid but denying that you forgot, now that is stupid
  • God is there but where are you
  • Drive only if you have a license
  • Too much pork is not good for your health but it does not mean its bad
  • Once in a while sleep the whole day preferably on a weekend
  • Some people actually come to church accompanied by the devil
  • Who is courageous enough to stop a bullet with their hands except the guy on TV
  • Good clothes may not mean that you are rich but they do mean at least you have taste
  • Bathing should be the same thing as breathing so that everyone is clean
  • Your best friend never stops being in touch with you
  • Your spouse is actually your best friend
  • If you look in the mirror more you might just see yourself
  • Most people don’t even know what they look like
  • Would you date yourself if you saw yourself
  • Intelligence is knowing that Jesus is there
  • Just because the sun gives light it does not mean you should stare at it, respect it
  • Life is when you are able to be fruitful and produce something worthy
  • It’s not every popular person who is God sent
  • The world is in trouble but it does not mean you should be
  • Everyone is happy when they are eating their favorite food
  • Cooking is nice when you are cooking for the ones you love
  • There is no point to work except to find food and shelter
  • Peace of mind goes hand in hand with someone who has a plan
  • God’s plan is also your plan
  • Your boss is just a person trying to get money for their family just like you
  • Your employer is someone who depends on you for money
  • Time is the child of eternity
  • Even if you are not the most learned person in the world it does not mean you should not have common sense
  • A hug is more powerful than a handshake

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