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Whilst others are sleeping

Sleep is when the body is resting and takes no part in the rest of the activities happening around. Sleeping can come in many different forms, it can be called sleeping when an opportunity comes by and all one does is to let that opportunity pass by. A person can be moving around and going to work on a daily basis but may be asleep all that time. When we sleep, time passes by and events pass us by also. Some of us have been sleeping for ten years or twenty years and life has truly passed us by. We think we are awake yet we are asleep. We sleep in order for us to rest from activities which we do or are in the middle of doing. These activities are supposed to be beneficial for our growth and life so that when we wake up we now things will be fine. No one can go to sleep peacefully when they know that their things are not in order. If we look at ourselves and are honest enough, are we really doing the things for which we can say we deserve the sleep or are we asleep. Are we letting time pass us by and opportunities pass us by thinking we are awake yet we are asleep? Whilst others are sleeping just make sure that you are not following the crowd. What things of substance have you done in your life or are you just asleep waiting for someone to wake you up?

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