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What is you Capacity?

Everything on earth has a certain capacity to do something. The interesting thing about us all is that we have the capacity to learn and do anything we want. We have the ability to believe in anything we want. We have the ability to go wherever we want, fly where we want, see what we want, listen to what we like, feel what we want and basically live as we feel fit. The only problem is we do not think that way. Instead we are territorial and believe in the least that we can which we feel is comfortable for us. We are afraid to explore to find the best of ourselves because deep down though we know we can be better we are afraid of greatness.

Instead of standing up and trying our best we stand up to just show up in life. Ever wondered what our capacity is in life? The fact that we can listen to so many programs and words in life would not want to have as much knowledge as possible. The fact that we can believe in anything, would you not rather believe in the greatest possible existence. The fact that we can dream anything we want would you not rather have the best dreams for yourself, the fact that love exists would you not rather have the best of love that you can find. The fact that the earth has many opportunities would you not rather indulge in the best opportunity there is to offer. Why do we settle for the least when we can have the best of it all in life? We have so much capacity for body, spirit and strength yet we choose to indulge in small thoughts, small dreams, small words, small visions, small attitudes, small lifestyles, small love, small joy and just plain smallness.  Why short change yourself after all you are what you are, a person who has capacity.

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