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Listen Also to You

Sometimes we are so caught up in life we forget ourselves. We seemingly listen to millions and millions of words from TV, radio, movies, friends, sometimes just the people passing by and sound of night. We rush here and there trying to catch up with everything else yet we never have time to catch up with ourselves. We work so hard at our workplaces but never have time to work just as hard for our selves. There are things which we need and which we would like to have. There are places we would like to go and see. If we could only take the time to listen to ourselves also we would know that what we are doing usually is not because we want to but because we are just doing it because we have to.

What if we learnt to listen to our spirits, would we hear the yearning for love, understanding, joy and just peace. We are so distracted by the world and its events such that we never have time to really feel anything for ourselves. We are so consumed on what is happening outside we never give sufficient time to what is inside of ourselves. We age faster not because that is how it is but because the body, mind, spirit, soul and strength are tired of living a life that is not true for which they are ignored all the time. Our health fails us, because we do not listen to our bodies, our hearts are depressed because the heart has not experienced the love that makes it grow, our spirits are uninspired because we are so given to things which do not build us, our souls are frozen because we are letting something else live in us which is not us.

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