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Dream Challengers

For every dream there is a challenge. Nothing is smooth, but what should be smooth is your consistency and constancy. There will be times you need to persist like a mad person. There will be times when you look like a fool. There will be times when the odds seem impossible. There will be times when life just seems not worth it. If you have a dream it is yours, no one else. It is your baby and you need to stand up and fight for it. We dream in order to create, so do not let go of that opportunity. The fact that you dreamt it means that it is possible. Everything is possible under the sun and beyond the sun. Joseph had a dream that made him look like an idiot among his brothers. Because of this dream he lost his home, family and familiar surroundings but he never stopped dreaming and yes he did achieve it more than he expected. Dreams are not meant to die in infancy they are meant to manifest and be seen. What a strange word.

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