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A hypocritical Billion People?

So maybe there is more than one billion Christians in the world. That would make it over one billion believers, people who have faith as a mustard seed such that whatever they believe in will happen (ya right). How come the world is as it is today, If anything it is worse. Could it be that certain people are not as powerful as they claim to be or rather the so called good are not doing what they should? It took 12 men to turn the world upside down such that the world became more civilized. Just twelve men on a mission changed the world. They had no internet, no TV, no radio, no newspapers, no movies, no blogs, no websites, they had nothing. Then we, in our age have all these things and still we cannot change the world. Still afraid yet we claim we have no fear, still panicking yet we claim God is in charge, always quiet yet we claim to speak the truth. So who really is changing the world? From the looks of it may not be the believers. If there ever was a lukewarm generation then our generation must take the trophy. In a nut shell over one billion people have failed to do what twelve people did. What a strange word

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