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6 Days of Creation, Really?

So there we are reading the Bible and it says the world was created in 6 Days. Who told anyone that 6 days is the same as 6 earthly days? Earthly days have twenty four hours, right. Now Genesis mentions that the earth was created in 6 days, in which there was light on the first day to separate from the darkness. Fact of truth the sun was created on the fourth day of creation week, check your Bible. It would then be enough to say that the day which was being used to count definitely had nothing to do with the sun because days and nights were being counted without using the sun. Truth is that God was already using a certain light and night before the sun which rules out the sun. Is it not interesting to note that when the bible says And the evening and the morning were the third day has absolutely no reference to the sun or the setting of the moon.( Wonder where we got the notion that its talking about the sun). The sun was then used to symbolize the days on the earth not in creation. Science supports the bible in most ways as the two are interdependent its just that Christians are too ignorant of their own creation days to understand the extent to which the universe was created. Fine, we can argue about it but can you argue the truth that the sun was created o the fourth day and that there is no mention of the evening and morning of being based on the setting of any star. What a strange word.

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