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Truth and Facts

At some point in our history it was a fact that the earth was flat and that if you went in a straight line you would soon fall off. This was a fact which then was treated as truth. As time went that fact became a theory thanks to those who dared to find out the truth and live by it and now we know the earth is round. It was also a fact that humans cannot travel in the clouds or rather cannot fly like the birds but now it is a truth that humans fly faster than birds or any other known flying animal. It was a fact that one’s body was singular and transplants could not happen, but now it is the truth that we can transplant just any part of the body. As we live we have facts all around us and then there is truth. Facts are what we see and hear but are not necessarilty the truth. For example it is a fact that today is Wednesday but it is not true that today is the fourth day of the week as no one during the first people’s existence had a calendar to keep track of the days as they passed its only after a time someone formed a calendar. So most of our lives are based on facts which are not necessarily true but most are a perception of existence which has not been questioned or revealed. We have ears but we do not hear and eyes yet we do not see, not because our body parts do not function but because we are afraid of truth and thus we perish because of lack of knowledge. It is a fact that today you may not have a house of your own but it is not true that you cannot own a house, it is a fact that you do not have the job that you want but it is not true that you cannot get the job which you want. It is a fact that you are unhappy in your friendships but it is not true that you cannot get new friends, it is a fact that the environment that you are in is limiting you but it is not true that you cannot move into a new environment. It is a fact that you do not have money but it is not true that you cannot get it. Facts are just a description of a moment and a time but do not mean that this is the truth. Look at your life and discover the facts from the truth. See who is your true friends, love, brother,sister, career, and country. Be honest with yourself and be comfortable with the truth. Learn to appreciate it and you will indeed be set free from the incompleteness we live in. Understand the facts In your life and work on the truth. The more you ignore the truth and put it aside for a season the more things will repaeat in your life because the truth will come out eventually. The truth does not change and cannot be subsituted for long. Facts will tire you but truth will set you free. So what is true in your life, care to share, coz I will tell you my side of the story. 2Co 13:8 All we can do is to follow the truth and not fight against it.

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  1. Effective
    March 12, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    So true

  2. Celia Uate
    March 13, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    Well, i realy like it what you said on the article

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