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Planning Today

We plan tomorrow for one specific reason, to feel secure and to be secure. We worry about the next day not because we do not know what will happen but from the evidence of today we know what tommorrow does hold. We all know that our actions today are such that we ensure tommorrow but however it is not always so simply. Anxiety comes and sooner or later we are always in a state of much worry. If we were doing things right today, then tomorrow would be automatically taken care of. Our struggle is because our today does not have enough value to take care of us tomorrow. For example the value of our jobs is only one month because we work for a month at a time and so our work is not enough to pay us beyond one month because we receive a salary per month basis. A good farmer farms to receive a harvest sufficient for a year, so he is not worried about the immediate year when the harvest is good. A president of a country has invested for a five year term and thus is not worried about his future for at least five years. An enterntainer who makes a top selling album is not worried about his or her income for a lifetime because their income will last a lifetime. We need to look at what we are doing today and see if it is sufficient for tommorrow, if not then we have the wrong plan altogether. The point for the israelites going to a land of milk and honey was that there would not Have to wory about tommorrow because the land would have sufficiency as loing as did what they had to do on a today. A solomon person invests in wisdom today becasue he knows he then can use his wisdom practically to ensure prosperity for a generation. A born again christian invests in heaven principles knowing that he or she can use this practically to unlock things which are sufficient for the day but define tommorrow. Real planning is not worrying about tommorrow, it is worrying about today. Is your today sufficient enought to take care of your tomorrow in a life time and for your grandchildren, if not then that is why you are always Wprried about tomorrow. Be honest, what is your today worth or is is just another yesterday that has no plan for today. Be blessed Enjoy a new year of planning and success Lot of love. Winston

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